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How to Generate and Submit a Sitemap to Google in 2019 – Step by Step Guide

How to generate and submit a sitemap to google - step by step guide
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Hello Friends!! Today I am going to tell you How to Generate and Submit a Sitemap to Google. and all the factors why it is important, what will be benefits of it. You will get easy and proper step by step guide in this article.

Sitemap plays a very important role in On-Page SEO. So in this post, we will know “how to submit a sitemap to google”. But the first question that comes to mind is that “what is a sitemap”

What is Sitemap?

how to upload a sitemap to google

how to upload a sitemap to google

A sitemap is an XML file. It contains all the information about our website.

Such as how many pages and posts are on the website, images, and other media files, etc.

It gives all the information on the Sitemaps website to Search Engine.

So when the search engine crawlers come in, they should not have any problem in collecting the information from the website.

For example, (What is Sitemap) –

Let there are 2 colonies (Colony A and Colony B) in your city. You should be told to collect all data of Colony A and Colony B.

  1. Colony – A

The Entrance of Colony-A is mapped, which gives all the information about the colony to you.

Like Where is building? What is the location of the park? How many people live there? Etc.


  1. Colony – B

There is no map in Colony-B.

When you collect your data, the data of colony-A will be collected quickly and will be more accurate. Because of that map, you get to know the layout of that colony very well.

Because of the map, you can understand the layout of colony-A very well.

In this example-

  • City is internet
  • The colony is – your website
  • Map of the colony – Your Website’s Sitemap
  • Buildings – website posts, pages, etc.
  • You – Search Engine’s Crawler

Conclusion – Websites made on the Internet have a sitemap, Google’s crawlers collect data from these websites easily and quickly.

I hope this example has cleared what is a sitemap.

Google defines a sitemap in its documents like this: “A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to Google and other search engines. “

 In simple words,

A sitemap is our website map. That helps Google collect all the data from the website.

There is something like this appearing in the Sitemap. This is the sitemap of my website Whirldroid.


There are many steps to follow on on-page optimization. Sitemaps are also one of those steps.

whirldroid's sitemap

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How to Generate and Submit a Sitemap to Google?

If you are also troubling the question that How to generate and submit a sitemap to Google, then don’t worry.

I will tell you in three easy steps to create a Sitemap and submit Sitemap to Google.

Submitting a sitemap for any blog is very important. A sitemap is important for fast crawling and indexing.

After creating any blog, the two things that we have to do first are –

  • Submit blog to search engines.
  • Generating and submitting a sitemap to Google.

Creating and submitting a Sitemap is very important for SEO.

Let us follow these steps to submit sitemap search engines to your website/blog –


How to Generate and Submit Sitemap of a Site Which is Not on WordPress?

If your site is not on WordPress, follow below steps for generating and submit a sitemap to Google.

  1. Generate a Sitemap to your site/blog.

There are many websites where you can generate your blog’s sitemap. I personally like this Site to generate Sitemap.

  • Go to website
  • Enter the URL of your blog


best sitemap genertor site


  • Click on Start Button, it will take a few minutes to generate a Sitemap.
  • It will scan all the pages, post, media, etc. of your site. Then, Click on view sitemaps details.


sitemap generation process


  • Click on “Download Your XML Sitemap File“. Then a file named sitemap.xml will be downloaded to your computer.

sitemap generation


Congratulations!! your Sitemap has been generated


2. Add a Sitemap to your blog

3. Submit your sitemap to search engines through search console (webmaster).


How to Generate and Submit a Sitemap of a WordPress Site/Blog?

Is your site on WordPress? if yes, then you can follow these steps to generate and submit a sitemap to google.

If you have made a blog on WordPress, then you can easily create a Sitemap with Yoast plugin and attach it to your blog.


Step 1. Install Yoast plugin

Install and activate Yoast plugin in your WordPress site

sitemap generation for wordpress blog


yoast seo plugin for sitemap generation



  • You will see the icon of Yoast SEO on the left side of the dashboard. Click on the search console below it.
  • Now you will ask Yoast permission to connect you to google search console.
  • Now click on “Get Google authentication code” Then a pop-up box will appear on it. Then, the code will come and copy the code.
  • And paste that code into the box provided and click on Authenticate.

generate and submit a sitemap to google


  • Now select your website and click save the profile.

how to generate and submit a sitemap to google


  • Yoast automatically generates a sitemap, we have to install this plugin only


Step 2- Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines

Now in this step, we will know how to submit a sitemap to google.

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console.

how to submit a sitemap to google


2. Write sitemap.xml like below image and click on submit button.


how to submit sitemap to google 2


3. After clicking on the submit button, you will see like below image.

how to submit sitemap to google3


Congratulations, your sitemap has been generate and submit to google successfully.

Why is it important to create a Sitemap?

  • Google crawlers easily collect all the information from our website.
  • All our pages will be indexed in Google.
  • And our site has an organic ranking index.

Sitemaps for new websites and blogs are very beneficial.

There are no backlinks or few backlinks on new websites, so for search engines, it is not easy to find all the pages of a new website.

But with the help of sitemap, the search engines know all the information about our website.

Friends, I hope this article on “how to generate and submit a sitemap to google” will be helpful for you. If you have questions related to your sitemap, you can ask in comments.




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