Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2019

Hello friends, welcome to whirldroid.com. Web 2.0 is a very helpful technique for SEO point of view. It is a part of Off-page SEO techniques. So, in this post, we share all the benefits of web 2.0 submission. And you will also get a web 2.0 sites list, where you can submit your article at free of cost.

WEB 2.0 sites list


S. No.Web 2.0 Submission ListUpdate Month
1 wordpress.comAug-19
5 www.tumblr.comAug-19
6 www.wix.comAug-19
8 slashdot.orgAug-19
12 www.wikidot.comAug-19
17www.own-free-website.com Aug-19
19 snappages.comAug-19
20 www.jimdo.comAug-19
21 myspace.comAug-19
24 iblog.atAug-19
25 www.beep.comAug-19
28 workitmom.comAug-19
31 www.devhub.comAug-19
32 www.smore.comAug-19
33 www.en.sitew.comAug-19
34 www.spruz.comAug-19
35 blog.fc2.comAug-19
36 www.webstarts.comAug-19

Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 submission sites are the second generation website which allows the users to create their own content. The people are enabled to post their informative and useful content for their readers. It can help in various ways, like if you don’t get the domain name of your choice, then it is the chance that you may get the domain according to your choice by using web 2.0 blog.


The websites where the users are not allowed to interact with other people are the exact opposite to the web 2.0 submission sites. Websites like social networking sites, blogs, wikis, and web-based communities, all come under the web 2.0 sites list.

In other words, the users have the capability to create their own content by creating their account and start posting related to their specific subjects.

Some interesting features and unique techniques of web 2.0 submission sites

Linking of websites together

Web 2.0 submission uses the web network together to build an informative ecosystem that sensibly provides beneficial information. It also decreases the restriction between creators and their readers.

Authoring capability to the users

In this post, we have mentioned the web 2.0 sites list; it not only help them to create their own content but also a facility to update it. Like forum posting website, you can comment and post your question, and in wikis. It has multiple authors who can undo and redo the existing content.

Interactivity with readers

Web 2.0 submission sites allow using discussion boards, commenting and posting which help to interact with the targeted audience.

The syndication technologies like RSS and others allow the web 2.0 site users the ability to let their reads know about the changes on the sites. Web 2.0 submission sites are the most popular platforms over the internet. And the most common reason which has raised the popularity of these websites are increased use of blogs, wikis, and forum posting websites.

Some technical features of web 2.0 submission sites are like it provide its users far outstrip what other sites are able to offer and its return time which is precise of its distinctive characteristics and features that also enable to interact with one another.

Benefits of Web 2.0 submission sites list:

Web 2.0 submission sites already have high authority, and they give a link juice to your websites. You can get the quick result by submitting your content on web 2.0 submission sites.

Very simple to post content on your own website, just register and choose a domain name, and further process will be understood by anyone on itself easily.

Having a Good uptime is a significant issue for a website, even Google also have 99.9% uptime in a year. Generally, all web 2.0 blogs sites have excellent uptime.

Its simple interface permits anyone to express ideas with any restrictions. Pick a web 2.0 site and submit a post which includes your thoughts.

Web 3.0 sites will be the next version of web 2.0 sites because present need requires real-time discussion and dynamic learning and media varieties.