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Free and Paid Social Media Analytics Tools 2019 | Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools ( Secret Tools )

Social Media analytics tools
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Hello Guys, We hope you are doing well. Today we are going to tell about Social Media Competitors analysis tools. We hope you also like this post.

Social Media Analytics Tools

In the present competitive world, having the best and accurate Social media tools can dig the insight that required to take your social media campaign on the next level. This post is completely based on the most common and most effective free and paid Social Media Analytics tools.

In this digitalized market, from the smallest business owner to the biggest giant, every one targeting their audience using social media platform, because it is economic as well targeted as compared to the traditional marketing.

Having the perfect tools to analyze your social media campaigns or your audience has become the need of marketers; you can see what is working and what can make your product better by observing your audience behavior.

 We have divided the list of tools into two parts,

  • Internal tools for analyzing social media performance (free/inbuilt platform)
  • Cross Social media analyzing tools (Paid/third-party tools)

Internal social media analytics tools

We have collected all the information based on the use of various tools like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter. The functionally of this tool may be restrictive but all these are free of cost, so they are good to begin.

  1. Facebook Insights

This tool requires a company page and at least 30 followers on your page. You can get detailed metrics about your post and engagement you have earned. Also, you can get information about your audience behavior and can understand on the basis of demographic and geographical breakdown.

facebook social media analtics tool

Facebook Analytic Tool

This statics shows the engagement on your post that can help you to understand which type of content is working best for you. Video views and actions are taken on your page also can be seen using this internal Facebook analytic tool

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  1. Instagram Insights

 Well, Instagram Insights is only available if you have a business account, or if you have big influencers on Instagram because in this case, your page gets a lot of engagement, apart from this you can only access it using Instagram application.

instagram social analytics tool

Instagram Analytics Tool

As it can open on mobile, it is very handy to use and provide an in-depth understanding of your post or user behavior on it. You can see your profile visits and following things on each post

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Likes
  • Profile Visits
  • Saved
  • Texts
  • Website Clicks

To get in-depth knowledge, check out the list by clicking here

3. Pinterest Analytics

In the past few years, Pinterest has grown up for boosting a business profile using pictures (also called pins). It also has its own inbuilt analytic platform, which can be accessed by anyone with a business account. You have to register with your website and it allows Pinterest to track the actual traffic between your site and social network.

pinterest analytic tool

Pinterest Analytics Tool

The metrics provide in the insight including the following things:

  • Daily impression and viewers
  • Audience geographical location
  • Gender
  •  Language
  • Total number of clicks
  • Total likes

If you are more Hungary to know more about it, check our list of Pinterest analytics tools.

4. Twitter Analytics

Similar to the other social media platform, Twitter also has its own inbuilt analytic platform but the interesting point is that it is available for both individual as well as a business profile.

  • Your number of tweets
  • Tweet impressions,
  • Visits to your profile,
  • Mentions and followers

All the things mentioned above can be tracked easily only monthly as well as a daily basis.

twiter analytic


Just click on any tweet and you will be able to see impression, like, engagement and retweets, etc on it.

Twitter Analytics will show you metric based on Twitter cards if your business has twitter cards active, and for in-depth knowledge go for the list of Twitter Analytic tools


5. YouTube Analytics

Youtube also has its own inbuilt analytic tool which permits the YouTuber to get the understanding of the performance of their videos.4

youtube analytics


This analytic tool shows the performance matrix, engagement rate metrics and demographics which helps you to understand how the viewers are finding their videos and how much they are watching it.

Cross Social media analyzing tools (Paid/third-party tools)

Now moving towards some paid tools which also provide a free trial for some specific time periods, as these all are the paid tools so definitely, the user will get the in-depth metrics as compared to the free social media analytics tools, that means greater insight and deep understanding of engagement, likes, shares, etc.

1. Brand24

Brand24 is one of the most famous social media analytics tools. Its dashboard displays the real-time metrics and showcases the detailed and in-depth statics about your content and the behavior of the audience. Its features shout about its real worth clearly justify its cost which is economic as well.

You just enter some specific keywords like your brand name or a topic in which you are interested in. It will filter the web result to track the metrics and provide you an analytic report about your query. You can break down the result by its source, order, and its popularity.

Its subscription plans start from $49 to $499 for a month and it is available for 14 days free trial version. So you can analyze its performance whether it suits your need or not.

2. BuzzSumo

Again for social media analysis, BuzzSumo is an excellent tool, particularly for Facebook. It allows to enter the URL for your page and displays the engagement metrics, like which is the best performing content or most suitable time to post. So that you can make your strategy accordingly. Also, it permits you to analyze your entire site for social share performance that means you can find out how many times the users have shared your content.

Buzzsumo Social Media Analytics Tool

Buzzsumo Social Media Analytics Tool

Although its free version provides you the satisfactory analytic report, if you go for its premium version, you will be able to explore so many things about your social media campaign. It’s pricing starts from $79 to $499. It is one of the most uses and best social media analytics tools.

3. Mention

With the help of this tool, you can monitor the real-time performance of your social media campaigns; it allows you to set up alerts for your brands and competitors of your industry. Using this tool you respond to each tag, like or mention and monitor what your user did there, apart from this you can also sort mentions by significance including by source and by language in the application of “Mention”.

It offers two options for the one, who need to monitor their social media campaign, one for the small business owner who focuses on their own branding and the agencies who work for multiple clients’ projects.

Social Mention Social Media Analytics Tool

Social Mention Social Media Analytics Tool

Its pricing starts from $25 to $600 for a month depending on its uses. This is also one of the best social media analytics tools.

4. Awario

It is a dedicated tool manufactured for individual entrepreneurs and small business owners. The best thing is that it doesn’t require a huge budget but it covers all major social listening features, you can find mentions for your brands, other keyword used by your competitors on all major social media platform which includes influential platform like Reddit.

Awario Social Media Analytics Tool

Awario Social Media Analytics Tool

It breaks down positive, negative and neutral mentions and displays a list of influencers, with all the stats on the authors that mention your brand.

5. Talkwalker

 Talkwalker is one of the most demanding enterprise level tools which undoubtedly have the most powerful features. A lot of huge specification and filters combined with it. It has a wide reach and covers social media, news sites, forum and blogs with TV and broadcast. It is one of the paid but best social media analytics tools.

Talkwalker Analytics Tool

Talkwalker Analytics Tool

Image source (Talkwalker)

It is designed for a team of marketers and PR professionals and makes working in a team simpler. It provides combined information about Google Analytic and Social media.

As it is filled with huge features, so its prices go a little bit higher. The basic price starts from $9600 for years and can be ordered for large enterprises with the customized specification.

I hope this article about social media analytics tools will be very helpful for you. If you help any doubt or suggestion please tell us via comment. And If you find this article valuable and helpful, please share with your friends also, so they also take benefit of it.



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